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8 steps to Quit smoking weed: 8 essential steps!

8 steps to Quit smoking weed: All you need to know about how to quit smoking weed

The addictive power of cannabis may not be as high as that of other drugs such as cocaine or heroin, but this does not mean that stopping it will be simpler.

Also, it is when you start to consume Marijuana on a regular basis is when it becomes more likely that this substance began to control your life, and you may even need help to leave the drug.

Here are 8 steps to Quit smoking weed easily

1. Find out why you are quitting.

To be able to overcome an addiction, you have to realize that you have an addiction. The first step to finding a solution is admitting you have an issue. Then, look deeper. When did the addiction begin and why did you start smoking? Look back at how the consumption of marijuana became a dependence. Focusing on these aspects will help you understand as to why you are in this situation and may contribute to quitting.

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Once you grasp that understanding, focus on how quitting smoking will benefit you. Marijuana negatively impacts your health, work, and social life. Turn towards the negative effects that smoking has impacted your life. This will make you realize that it won’t do any good and it will eventually be easier to quit.

At this point, you should be thinking of reasons why you should quit.  Therefore, make a list of all the reasons you must quit smoking weed. It is always effective to write down everything that you want to commit to it, make the mind more determined.

To recover set your mind in a clarity of ideas that you had before, to build a solid professional future, to recover personal relationships, and to improve your mental state.

Surely you have thousands of reasons to why you should stop smoking and you will surely have lots of advantages that you will have when you have overcome the addiction. Write them all down and save them as personal goals.

2. Set goals

Once you have realized that you want cannabis out of your life, you must set yourself a series of goals. Try to decrease the quantity every daily. Make sure to do so gradually. If you quit

3. Look for support

It is important to have people that encourage you and support you, whether I’s family, friends or professional help. A support system will enable you to stay on track and might distract you from thinking about marijuana. Surrounding yourself will ease the burden and ease the process.

Quitting can be easier with support, so ask them to quit with you

Make a change of environment. Try to avoid surrounding yourself with people that smoking as it will tempt you to do the same.

4. Change activities

Similarly, if you want to quit Cannabis it is very important that you incorporate new activities into your life.

Smoking usually brings a nice vibe to the gathering with friends and the temptation to consume marijuana will increase. Therefore, create a large space in the range of activities of people who consume weed occasionally.

So, look for alternative activities that are to your liking but that are incompatible with the consumption of Marijuana. (You can check out our article about outdoor activities to change your habits.)

The activities will have to be according to your tastes, there are no better ones and some worse, if they do not involve lighting a cigarette, the activity will be adequate.

5.Change friendships

Another action that is usually necessary, and perhaps one of the most difficult, is to change friendships.

This does not mean that all your friends who use Marijuana must become your enemies, but you do need to make a change of environment to be successful.

Also, it would be very useful that while you are able to incorporate other types of friendships and environments in your life, which are not related to the consumption of marijuana.

If you do, your environment would facilitate the process of stopping Marijuana, but if you continue to be pulled back in an environment closely related to Marijuana, it will make it difficult for you.

6. Convince yourself that you can succeed

The main reason that frustrates attempts to overcome the addiction to marijuana is the belief that you will not be able to do so.

And if you are addicted to marijuana and stopped consuming it, you probably experience a series of symptoms such as anger, irritability, nervousness or restlessness (psychological dependence).

These symptoms often create distortions and lies into and create thoughts about personal incapability to survive without that drug.

However, these thoughts are inaccurate the feeling of discomfort is caused by not smoking (especially at the beginning) and are not at all certain.

As any person, you have the total capacity to stop consuming it and if you strive you will get it.

To convince you of this idea it is good to have people around you are reminding you and to correct your thoughts when they appear.

It may also be helpful to go to a specialist psychologist to help you get through this moment.

7. Performing Exercise

To keep the change, it is very convenient to perform physical exercise. Not only it brings a remarkable reward to your brain, it will create a great sense of well-being, and it will help your body detox all the chemicals. Find out how to maximize your workout performance and make your exercise enjoyable.

8. Reward your effort

Make sure to reward your efforts! For each time that you achieve a goal, treat yourself whether it’s a day at the spa, or buying something.

These are just two examples, make these rewards with those things that you like and that can boost your motivation to quit smoking weed.

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