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The Effects of Alcohol on the Brain: The Damage of Alcohol is worse than Marijuana in brain health

Alcohol is worse than Marijuana in brain health

Alcohol, one of the most widely used or let’s say one of the most widely abused drug these days is actually really harmful and most of the people are actually well aware of the fact that it can cause several long-term as well as the short-term symptoms. In fact, according to the researchers and studies, it is found out that alcohol is actually more harmful to the brain than drugs like marijuana. Shocked, right? Well, believe it or not, it is actually true. Alcohol is worse than Marijuana!!

Alcohol worse than Marijuana

Alcohol not only deteriorates your physical health but also cause defects in your mental health which can eventually lead to lifelong issues. Being one of the most widely used drugs, alcohol is now seriously causing mental as well as physical health issues all across the world. Since the drug is most widely sold in different restaurants, bars and clubs, therefore, the ratio of health damage is increasing day by day. Some of the major problems caused by alcohol are listed below. Have a look!!!

*Source: Weed is not more dangerous than alcohol

Depressant of the Central Nervous System:

The ratio of alcohol users In America is constantly rising. Not only are the adults, even the kids now using alcohol regularly. According to the surveys it has been found out that almost 52.2 per cent of the children above aged 12 are now regular alcohol users. Alcohol can cause many dysfunctions in the brain. As it is known as the depressant of the central nervous system, therefore, there are many physical issues caused by alcohol as well. The depressant effects of alcohol which have been observed in regular and heavy users include slurred speech and weak limb coordination. So, basically, when it affects any part of your brain it automatically affects the rest of your body as well.

Memory Lapses:

Loss of memory and dementia are quite common these days and not just in elderly and aged people but in the youngsters as well. The main cause behind this is heavy consumption of alcohol. One of the major problem caused by the brain due to regularly drinking alcohol is memory lapses and blackouts. Impairments in the brain function are highly observed in people who use alcohol more often. According to the researchers, ever since the alcohol supply has become common and easy the number of people with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss have increased.

Wernicke–Korsakoff Syndrome

WKS is one of the most commonly observed problems in people who tend to use alcohol on regular basis. The common symptoms of WKS observed in many alcohol users are both forms of amnesia which are anterograde amnesia, inability to make new memories and retrograde amnesia which is the inability to remember any past memories. So, basically, the regular drug users suffer from severe memory loss which can cause serious disorders like Fugue disorder, dissociative amnesia as well as a dissociative identity disorder.

An array of social issues:

Well, no matter what kind of drug you use, you eventually have to deal with the consequences. Alcohol is one of the most harmful drugs which cannot deteriorate your physical condition but can also ruin you mentally. Other than this, alcohol has seemed to cause an array of social issues which can ruin your social life. People who use alcohol more often seem to suffer from depression, anxiety, stress and at worse, panic attacks. These symptoms are quite common in people who tend to use alcohol on the regular basis.

These are only a few major problems caused by regular use of drugs. Even though there are tons on them but these are a few which should definitely be taken into consideration. According to the researchers and studies, the statement has been clarified that alcohol is worse than marijuana.




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