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Anxiety Symptoms, Types of Anxiety and Tips to Cure Anxiety and Depression

“Anxiety Symptoms, Types of Anxiety and Tips to Cure Anxiety and Depression”

What is anxiety exactly?

Anxiety, for those who experience the extreme level of it, is known to be one of the hardest feelings that they could deal with. However, there are ways and techniques that a person can practice to avoid that high level of anxiety.

In this article, we will walk you through the type of Anxiety of different types and then we will guide you through the proven tips that can truly help you avoid such feeling.

What is Anxiety Symptoms?

It is important to know whether you have anxiety in the first place because many people have a wrong understanding of this term.

Let me start by giving you some example!

For most of you, I believe the answer is YES!

Everyone experiences fair and anxiety in their

Have ever been in a situation that made you feel anxious about a job interview, or waiting for a medical test result, or even before some important exams?

lives from time to time and it lasts only for a short time (only until the hard situation passed). This is known to be normal and can happen to anyone anytime and the only way to prevent is to wait for it to pass. When this feeling of anxiety is beyond passing problems or a stressful time during the work and keeps bothering you for many days, weeks, months or even years we can say that you have an Anxiety Disorder.

Anxiety Disorder, if not dealt with can worsen over time; Therefore, quick actions are recommended as it can be extremely disturbing for your life.

In the next section, I will explain the 3 main types of anxiety disorder, those that are the most common, their symptom, and Tips to help you easily deal with it.

Health anxiety

Health anxiety is when people start to overestimate their illnesses or make a massive and fatal conclusion about their health and stress over it. These conclusions are usually based upon minor symptoms which do not account for such fatal diseases. This has taken a toll in this era because of the digitalization and internet facility. The internet is causing them to look their symptoms up and because it is not a reliable source in health matters, it concludes these symptoms to very dreadful diseases or health conditions.

Anxiety Symptoms

There are 2 types of Health Anxiety Symptoms:

Somatic Symptom Disorder and Illness Anxiety Disorder.

The impact of health anxiety is so strong on people sometimes that they are completely unable to enjoy their moments of life or live as they should. They keep themselves in the circle of fear and anxiety. They keep their focus on their bodily functions, physical oddities and the discomfort they face, even if they are very minor, these people feel very concerned about it. It is also possible that they obsess over one specific organ of their body like their brain or their heart or they obsess over a specific disease that they must have heard over the internet or social media or on a news channel. They have set it in their minds that either they have the disease, or they are going to somehow get the disease, this turns in to a concrete fact once they search through the internet for their symptoms.

Generalized Anxiety

Generalized anxiety disorder makes a person excessively stress over various different things. They keep their focus on a lot of different things. People with a generalized anxiety disorder are able to anticipate disasters sometimes and they are more concerned about problems like health, money, family or work. It is difficult for such patients to control their worry or stress. They are known to stress more than they should about a relevant matter. They process the details of the event in their head and bring out the worst-case scenario in their minds, even when there is no reason to worry about the thing.

The generalized anxiety disorder is diagnosed in a person when they are unable to control their stress for more than six months and show signs of 3 more symptoms. GAD does not have a limited period of time affecting a person. These factors differentiate between usual stress and GAD. There are a few Anxiety Symptoms which point towards this disorder. You feel nervous and, on the edge, you are easily irritated by smaller things, you have a continuous feeling of a danger that is pending and it about to come, your heart rate might exceed. When going through the phase, you might feel breath heavily or hyperventilate, which will cause you to sweat or tremble.

You might feel weak or tired due to the continuous stress that you put your mind through. You might feel that it is difficult for you to keep your focus on one thing.

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Panic Attack

An overwhelming surge of fear and anxiety rolls over, rendering the receiver unable to breathe or move. Heart starts pounding at a rate too fast to be normal and the feeling of utter helplessness envelopes the person. Know it? Familiar with it? I am sorry to tell you, that you suffer from panic attacks.

panick attack
Panic attacks come out unexpectedly and render a person immobilized because of its intensity. While panic attacks are severe and come out of the blue, they are not incurable. To treat panic attacks as effectively as possible, it is important to get therapy as soon as you can. With the right treatment, you can easily take back control of your life and get rid of panic attacks for good. A panic attack can also be a single time occurrence, or they can happen repeatedly due to some trigger developed over time such as public speaking for some people. While panic attacks can happen even when you are perfectly healthy, but they can also occur as a side effect to some other disorder such as panic disorder, depression or social phobia. It is important to get diagnosed properly before you start the treatment because both conditions will have different kinds of treatment to be implemented.
Some of the Anxiety symptoms of a panic attack include

  • Shortness of breath
  • Hyperventilation
  • Chest pain
  • Choking
  • The sense of terror, or impending doom or death
  • Feeling sweaty or having chills
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Feeling a loss of control
  • Tingling or numbness in the hands and fingers

Generally, disorder experience sudden and frequent panic attacks. They become terrified that they may have more attacks and fear that something bad will happen because of the panic attack (such as going crazy, losing control or dying).

The experience of sudden and frequent panic attacks is mainly known as panic disorder.

Keep in mind that panic attacks are treatable and can be cured with proper therapy and some effort on your part.

Here are the solutions for you.

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