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Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits: 8 Essential Benefits You Should Know About!

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Apple cider vinegar, a classically of general, human health and wellness, is a very versatile and key ingredient, that can play a powerful part on the road to health and wellness. This hidden ‘superfood’ is brimming with a variety of health, wellness and beauty benefits. Today, we will analyze this vinegar, and discover just what makes it so good, and so nutritious in the first place. So, let us begin.

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In this article, we will take a further look, as to just how good, it is.

Whether it is researchers, PhD holders, doctors or nutritionists, a variety of different sources have all unanimously attested to the incredible benefits, of this seemingly ‘ordinary’ vinegar, which in truth, is anything but.

Going back to the age-old saying, ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’, it is little wonder that this nutrient-packed fruit and cider, is recommended and lauded by doctors across the globe, and down throughout the ages.

So, in order to fully understand this superfood, like anything else, one must go to the source, to the true ‘hero’ of the story, here – the apple.

Now, I am sure that all of our mothers, and our teachers and doctors, reiterated that saying again and again, and we’re sure to pack an apple or two in our lunch boxes while growing up. But did you ever stop to wonder why…?

Sure, for the most part, apples are an affordable and effective – and relatively cheap! – lunch-box treat… but there is much more to their value, than simply that.

Let’s go back to the beginning, to the time of the Ancient Babylonians, and Cleopatra…

Back in the Babylonian times, the ancient Babylonians used apple cider vinegar as a condiment and preservative. Hippocrates – the ancient physician – himself used it for its medical qualities. Rumours and ancient artefacts say that Cleopatra herself used it to dissolve and digest (drink) a pearl, in an attempt to prove Mark Antony wrong… so apple cider vinegar (and the benefits of it), are hardly anything new – just to us!

The legends and myths surrounding the origin and various usages of apples and apple cider vinegar truly are endless.

So we’ve heard the ‘raving reviews’ of apple cider vinegar, sure. But what exactly makes this natural cider, a ‘superfood’, anyway? What’s so special

about it…? And most importantly, what’s in it, anyway…? Well, that’s a great question. Let us find out!

1. Health Benefits 

Alright, so we’ve already spend a good portion of time here, singing the praises of apple cider vinegar and it’s main ally/ingredient – the apple. However, why don’t we take a look inside of the apple to see just what makes this fruit so healthy, nutritious and special…?

So an apple a day may keep the doctor away – and here is why. These bite-sized, balls of red are basically little ‘doctors’ in of themselves! Due to being a rich source of phenolic and fine compounds, apples are highly associated with lowering the risk of many chronic diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. Rich in healthy sugars and abundant in fibre, the apple contains basic, day-to-day healthy sugars, such as sucrose and fructose, glucose and inulin (not to be confused with insulin).

Also, according to Dr Stanway in her book ‘The Miracle of Apple Cider Vinegar’, an apple also contains very useful amounts of vitamin C (which is usually found in most circus fruits and oranges), and trace amounts of potassium, as well. ‘A medium-sized apple’, she says, ‘supplies 8% of the vitamin C and 10% of the potassium the average adult needs per day’. That’s pretty impressive, Mr Apple! Pretty impressive, indeed.

Additionally, possibly most notably, apples are a rich source of pectin. Now, for anyone that gardens, cans, or preserves, or makes their own jams and jellies, you probably have already heard of, or used pectin, but in a completely different way. Pectin in apples forms about 70% of the apple fibres, Dr Stanway says, and apples are richer in pectin that ay other fruit. ‘Plant cellulose strengthens the plant cell walls – pectin helps to hold those walls together.’


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2. Recipe

So I get it, I get it – both apples and apple cider vinegar are great for you! But what if I’m not particularly an apple person, you say? I don’t mind having an apple a day, but what if apples aren’t exactly my ‘thing’…? Luckily, though both apples and apple cider vinegar are both good for you, you don’t necessarily have to eat them plain or straight in order to stay healthy!

Apples can be cooked, baked and used in many everyday recipes, such as pancakes, desserts, etc. And if you are already a health-conscious individual, you can use apple cider vinegar in many of your day-to-day recipes, such as salad dressings and vinaigrettes, and some sauces, as well.

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3. Beauty

When it comes to beauty and face care, acne (and those annoying everyday blemishes!) have nothing on you! Not only does it help acne and warts, this handy little cider can even be used to condition and treat your hair and your skin!

Itchy scalp? Dandruff issues? Not to worry! Apple cider vinegar – of course! -has got your back. Although honey, lemons, and salmon help, too, apple cider vinegar contains specific elements that help to balance the pH on the surface of the scalp, thus allowing apple cider vinegar to help to regulate and control the production of dandruff, as well.


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4. Animals

Also, you know those pesky fleas that sometimes get on the dog…? Not to worry. A healthy dose of apple cider vinegar can work for that, as well. Apple cider vinegar can indeed work as a flea repellent on your dog.

5. Insect Bites 

And when it comes to those nasty and painful insect bites, apple cider vinegar can help you, as well. Applying a little bit to the bite can indeed help to decrease the redness and swelling.

6. Cleaning 

Although we won’t go into great detail in this article, not too surprisingly, apple cider vinegar can also be used as a substitute for many household maintenance products. This includes everything from cleaning and polishing, to pest control, etc.

We get it, we get it, – not only are apples an incredible source of vitamins, nutrients and dietary fibres, once ‘cider-ified’, it simply brings it out… In conclusion, does an apple a day keep a doctor away…?

So far, the results would steer that way, and doctors and researchers are still learning more, each day…And what are you waiting for? Your daily dose of apple cider vinegar, await…

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