Have you tried the avocado tea?

Staying in shape is every man and woman’s dream. People get involved in the gym, exercising, dieting and what not but things just do not work out for them. One must understand that there is proper planning needed to make your body come in shape. If you are tired of your out of shape body and nothing you are doing seems to work, here is something that will help you lose weight. You should try the avocado tea.

1.   Consume Avocado as Much as You Can:

avocado teaThe very first thing that you must know that whenever there is a matter where one has to lose weight, Avocado is the first thing that comes to mind. Avocado is a very healthy green fruit that serves as the best assistance in weight loss. It is the key component in your diet when it comes to weight loss.


Following are the ways in which Avocado aids weight loss;

  • Reduces and stabilizes Cholesterol and Triglycerides Levels
  • Increases Satiety
  • Usage of Avocado reduces the risk of Metabolism Syndrome
  • Reduces the Oxidative Stress

If you are a tea lover, Avocado tea is perfect for you and will also help lose some pounds. You just have to put the chunks of the Avocado pit inside the tea infuser. Place the infuser in the mug and pour boiling water. The tea is ready, make sure you add honey into it to eliminate the bitter taste of the Avocado tea. Do not add sugar as this tea is for weight loss. Want some tea? Avocado tea is what you need. There are numerous avocado recipes but avocado tea is the safest option as it is light and also gives a feeling of being full hence a person consuming Avocado tea will not feel hungry very frequently.

Our Recipe for YOU

*How to make the avocado seed tea:avocado tea

  1. Apply dry avocado seed
  2. Added 1 Liter of water
  3. Boiled it around 15-20mins
  4. You can add the lemon (Optional)

*How to make the avocado Milkshake?

  1. 1 Avocado
  2. 600ml Milk
  3. 3 tbs white/brown sugar (Recommended)
  4. Mixed with the juice machine
  5. Enjoy your Avocado Milkshake


Other recipes video recommended

Source: https://youtu.be/sW14onWLFHU

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2.   Drink Water:

avocado teaIf you cannot follow strict diet plans or exercise routines, water is something that can help you lose weight. Water is an appetite suppressant and consuming water just before eating helps in making a person feel fuller. If you add a slice of lemon in your glass of water, it is the perfect tip for weight loss. Cold water intake speeds up the metabolism as more energy is required to warm the water which in result burns the calories. Therefore, if you wish to lose weight, avocado tea and water are the two drinks you add in your regular diet plan.

3.   Reduce Sugar Intake:

Love sugar? Well, it will be a bummer for you if you wish to lose some pounds from your out of shape body. Sugar is the major cause of obesity in people and its usage must be reduced at the very first instant. Therefore, if you wish to lose weight, sugar is something you have to give up on. There are many substitutions for sugar in the market today, so it might not be such a big problem.

These are the few major tips that will guarantee weight loss. You do not have to spend your entire day working out, you can follow these tips along with a small workout session and you are good to go.


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