best gym workouts for beginners. When and where to start?

So have you finally decided to hit the gym and get fit? If yes, you need some tips before you get on any of those machines or life some heavyweights. When you are a beginner at the gym note that your body is also a beginner. Working out at the gym requires a lot of energy consumption and your body is not used to it. Therefore, it is necessary that you slowly train your body to get into the new lifestyle. If you suddenly hit it with some heavy lifting and heavy running, it can only backfire and you may end up not being able to get up the next morning. So, it will all go to waste.

So, before what is it that you need to do in the gym and what can you do as a beginner. Let’s get to it.

The first thing that you need to do is to be consistent. Only then you will be able to hit the goal. A consistent workout will lead to:

  • Enhanced muscle fibre size
  • Enhanced tendon strength
  • Enhancement in muscle contractile strength
  • Enhancement of ligament strength

For a beginner, it is very important that you train your body into it. So, in the start, you don’t any harsh or very rough training. You start from the lowest and you slowly make your way to the top.

 best gym workouts routine 

You should follow the following routine in your beginner workout.

Step 1

  • 15-20 minutes – Running on the treadmill

Step 2

  • 1 set of Leg press

Step 3

  • 1 set of Lying leg curls

Step 4

  • Wide-grip lat pulldown

1 set

Step 5

  • 1 set – Butterfly

Step 6

  • 1 set of Triceps pushdown

Step 7

  • 1 set of Machine bicep curl

Step 8

  • 1 set of Machine shoulder press

Step 9

  • 1 set of Ab crunch machine

Step 10

  • 1 set of Air bike

Tips for beginner’s workout

This workout has been specifically designed for the beginners. People who have never lifted any weights before or have no experience of any rough physical bodywork. This workout will help the trainer to build stronger joints and have more body stability. Once he/she has achieved that, he/she will be ready to move the next levels.

The biggest mistake that you can do at the beginner level is to do exercises that are too advanced for you. It is the most common mistake done by the beginners. It will build much more fatigue on your body which will reduce your performance and slower the process of recovering from the fatigue. Hence you will feel more tired and will be unable to perform consistently in the gym.

Keep it simple

The best way to get consistent performance and have the best results is to keep it simple. For the beginners, one routine is the one set of 20. If you get into the logic, the concept of the routine is very simple. For everybody art, you choose one exercise. Do one set of it. Keep doing it until you think that you are ready to take it to the next level, but don’t go too fast. Gradually add more repetitions to the exercise. This will slowly increase your stamina and the body’s strength to handle the kind of physical work that is now being performed. Increasing the repetitions in every set will help you improve your performance in every session. It will keep your morale up high and you will not even feel bored of it because every day you will have a new challenge, a challenge tougher than yesterday. So just keep it simple and slowly progress to the best.

Things to take care of during the workout

Now exercise does not mean that you just keep on working out for the whole two or three hours. There are some very important things that must be taken care of while you are working out.

best gym workouts

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

It is very important that you keep yourself well hydrated during the workout. Your body is continuously sweating during the workout and you are losing the water. Dehydration will make you weaker and will highly affect your performance. Hence it is necessary that you drink 8 to 10 glasses of water each day, 12 will be even better. The more hydrated you keep yourself, the more will be your energy in the gym.

  1. Take care of your diet

Exercise and diet go side by side. None of them can work alone. A healthy diet is necessary for the workout to work. Make sure that you take a small meal 30 minutes before you start the workout. This meal should contain a good amount of protein which can come from chicken, fish or eggs etc. Protein is very important for your body especially when you are working out. Then also take a small meal water 60 minutes of your training. But do note that this is a small meal just to keep your energy. A big meal is not required.

  1. Take a good amount of rest

Don’t push yourself too hard, it can backfire. Yes, gym workout requires a lot of strength but that does not mean that you always feel tired and sore. Get the necessary amount of rest that is needed by the body. Don’t ignore your sleep. Get a good night sleep of about 8 hours. It is very necessary for your body and mind to keep working properly even at the gym.

  1. Keep track of everything

It is very important that you keep track of everything. All of your progress must be noted down. It is very necessary to know about your progress and it will also help you decide what to do and what not to do. you will be able to know which things are working for you and which are not. This will help you have a better plan. If you have a trainer it will also help him to guide you better. If you don’t have any records of anything, you will never know what things you are doing right and what are you doing wrong. Therefore, you must keep a track of everything, all of the weight loss, the muscle gain, the routines that you are doing and their numbers and everything else.

This is a workout routine for beginners. The beginners need to be a lot more careful about what they are doing because any wrong routines or any wrong machines can cause an injury to the body which will only make the situation worse. It is important that you work safely in the gym by taking care of your body.

It is advised that you train with a professional. He/she will be better able to advise you the right kind of exercises for your type of body because everybody is different and needs different kinds of exercises. Hence training under a professional is always good. However, if you cannot find a professional then follow the safest and the most effective workout routine mentioned in this article and hopefully it will bring some improvement in you.

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