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Today’s topic is really interesting for those who value their health and body shape.

Nowadays we are all busy with work or school and it makes it extremely hard to manage our time to join any fitness clubs or gym and the fact that we have to spend plenty of time on the way to those places makes it even harder for us to stay motivated.

Today I am going to introduce a great solution for you to spend a lot of time and money in addition to achieve your healthy lifestyle and to attain the body of your dream.

I am also going to introduce the best home gym equipment brand that has been ahead of the competition in the fitness market for more than 25 years.

Just imagine, you wake up at 7:00 in the morning and you have your home gym just next to you. Or you come back home from work in the afternoon and it is hard to leave the family to go to fitness club while you can spend your time with your family and doing your exercise at the same in sweet home.

with knowing all these facts, it worth to spend some money on best quality home gym equipment and save yourself some time and money. So let’s get started and see what I’ve prepared for you in this article

Trust me, you gonna love it!

First thing first,

Before we get started on introducing the equipment, you really need to know what you really need to develop your home gym set!

A complete fitness activity contains two main categories: Cardio and Weight Training 


Cardio exercise is basically any exercise that raises your heartbeat. Actually, when you move your muscles they become stronger, and when they become stronger you will burn more fat.

Ellipticals, treadmills, gym bikes, and rowing machines are examples of cardio equipment

Weight training:

Weight training is the activity that helps you to develop stronger and larger muscles.
Of course, this step is the main reason why people go to the gym.
Different lifting machines and dumbles are the examples of weight training equipment.


Now let’s move onto the list of best home gym equipment:


1. FS4 Elliptical Cross-Trainer (Cardio)

I’m not a really big fan of treadmills and that is the reason why in this article, “best Home gym equipment”, I didn’t introduce any treadmills.

Why I Choose elliptical as one of the best cardio machines?
I have strong reasons that I am going tell you right now!

First of all, your upper-body is active while you are on the elliptical. The moveable handles on elliptical will let you burn much more calories than treadmills plus it will bring you a beautiful upper body shape.

Furthermore, elliptical will not cause injuries to your joints while treadmill will harm your joints significantly.

you can read more about it on BUILTLEAN.

Now that you read why I’m against treadmills, I am going to introduce the best elliptical machine on the market.

Many of you are familiar with Life Fitness. you might have seen its equipment in many different gyms and sports clubs.

This time this company came up with a great Elliptical that I can strongly say that this machine is the best and the most beautiful and well-designed elliptical I have ever seen in my life!

FS4 Elliptical Cross-Trainer is the name of this masterpiece that can supply its beauty into your interior.

Video Source:


View this great Elliptical more in-depth on Life Fitness website

Best Home Gym Equipment

2. Row HX trainer (cardio)

Row HX Trainer is an all in one body cardio. what I mean by all in one is when you work out with this home gym equipment, you are working out on most muscles in your body such as legs, back, hands, and shoulders.

The reason why I like this cardio machine so much is the size and design of it.

This is probably the smallest and most beautiful home gym equipment in the market.

best homegym equipment

Have a closer look at ROW HX TRAINER on Life Fitness Website


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Now that we completed cardio section of this article is time to move onto learning more about the best strength training equipment (weight training equipment)



3. G4 home gym with leg press (strength training)

This machine provides you with a variety of upper body exercise as well as the additional leg press that cover your lower body.

I won’t talk too much in this section because I want you to judge after watching this video

Let me be honest with you!
There might be a variety of strength workout machine out there that are cheaper than Life Fitness G4 but the fact of quality that this machine will provide you with is exceptional and as a long-term investment is appropriate. The average lifetime of Life Fitness machines is about 10 to 20 years which in this period they work just as good as a brand new one.

This strength workout machine with all the exercises that it offers can be truly one the best home gym equipment in the home gym market.

video source:

See more in depth explanation of G4 Home Gym Equipment here!


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4. G7 Home Gym with Bench

Life Fitness G7 offers an almost limitless number of exercises for almost every muscle in the body and with its bench add on it can transfer your home to a 5-star comprehensive gym. You can easily cover most muscles (upper body and Lowe body) with this machine.

The cool thing about it is that you normally see this kind of machines in the sports clubs and this time you can buy the home version of it from Life Fitness


Learn more about G7 Home Gym with Bench at Life Fitness Website

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Best home gym equipment – The end

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