Best Styles for Swimming | Why you should add swimming to your daily schedule!

Experts consider swimming as one of the complete sports, as it workouts all the muscles in the body simultaneously. It is considered as one of the best activities as it provides many health benefits. Moreover, since water allows us to move easily without great efforts, it has a low impact on joints. This Olympic sport strengthens the cardiovascular system, increases muscle strength and corrects our body posture. Nevertheless, some styles for swimming are more efficacious than others. Have you ever wondered what type of swimming styles burn more calories?

There are four styles for swimming. Each technique requires different movements of the abdomen, arms, and legs, as well as different speeds and intensity.

Best Styles for swimming

As mentioned before, this sport is very advisable for people who want to lose weight. These movements are effective for weight loss as it burns a good number of calories per session.

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The breaststroke is the most popular style as it is considered to be the easiest. Many instructors start by teaching the breaststroke to their students when giving lessons on how to swim. This style does not require much energy and gives your body more resting time than other strokes. Nonetheless, breaststroke works out all your body, from your shoulder and back to your quads.

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Freestyle Stroke

From all the different styles for swimming, the freestyle stroke is perfect for those who like it fast-paced.  It is the fastest swimming technique. Once again, the freestyle crawl works out many muscles such as your shoulders, your chest, pectoral, lutes and quadriceps. The freestyle stroke is somewhat difficult because it requires the coordination between breathing swimming and breathing simultaneously. A 130 lbs. person swimming the freestyle stroke at a slow pace can burn up to 400 calories per hour. Imagine how much calories you can lose if you increased the speed!

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Butterfly Stroke

The butterfly swimming style is ought to be the hardest to grasp as it requires good coordination and a lot of practice to perform correctly. What makes this technique so astonishing is that it focuses remarkably on the musculature since its movements demand a great effort. In fact, it is probably the most complicated on the list. A one hour session can burn up to about 650 calories! The butterfly swimming style works out the entire body from the chest, shoulders, triceps, pronators, and the back. In addition to the movement, you also work the abdominals, oblique’s, all the way down to the quadriceps.

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Out of all the styles for swimming, the backstroke is the ideal swimming style for toning the muscles in the upper back, chest, core, arms, and legs. It pulls your shoulder back, which improves your body posture and control your breather better. The advantage to this stroke is that it enables easy breathing. However, you should master the backstroke as you wouldn’t be able to see where you are swimming.  Backstroke is one of the most intense styles of swimming. In half an hour of swimming with this style, a 130 lb person can burn up to about 400 calories!

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Which of these swimming styles has seemed most effective for you to burn calories?

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