Bronze Skin and Golden TanH

ow to reach a beautiful Bronze skin colour this summer?

Summer’s around the corner, and let’s face it, everybody is looking forward to their tan lines or in other words getting a nice bronze skin colour. The darker colour radiates the skin, and it’s a way to show off how amusing your break was. There are several techniques to attain that perfect bronze skin, and Dream Health Magazine has it all just for you!


Carrot is rich in beta-carotene: a pigment that gives colour to the skin and helps keep the tone of a bronze skin. That’s why carrot-based home remedies are the best choice for tanning naturally. They are essential for staying beautiful. Here are several methods to a bronze skin with this ingredient!

Eat carrots!

We are what we eat! This applies to our skin colour too! Consuming carrots will give the skin a nice orange colour. The beta-carotene penetrates the bloodstream and is stocked under the skin. So make sure to include a carrot juice in your daily routine! Clean four carrots, cut them, and add the juice of half a lemon. Blend, and enjoy this nice delicious juice that will give you that bronze skin!

Carrots and coconut oil

One of the most effective methods to get a tan is to lay in the sun and wait for the magic to happen. Nonetheless, using oil will provide several benefits, such as nourishing your skin, avoiding infections and accelerate your tan!  With two ingredients, you can concoct your own blend of tanning lotion! Mix carrot juice with a few drops of coconut oil until a homogeneous paste is obtained. Keep the resulting mixture in a glass jar and apply it on clean skin before you expose yourself to the sun. You will see how you get a smooth complexation and a very flattering bronze skin.

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Carrots and olive oil

Another natural remedy is to prepare a self-tanner with olive oil. Mix 100 ml of carrot with  100 ml tablespoons of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and when you get a homogenous paste, save it in a glass jar with closed seal. In the end, you will have an effective tanning lotion to apply on the skin, eventually leading to a bronze skin.

Carrots and Argan Oil

Make your own tanning oil by combining two completely natural ingredients: argan oil and carrots. Mix 100 ml of carrot juice 100ml of Argan oil and 2 tablespoons of Johnson baby. Make sure there are no pieces of the carrot in your tanning solution, or they will clog your spray bottle, and the oil will not come out properly. For best results, avoid peak hours and build up your time in the sun slowly. Use a waterproof sunscreen to avoid harmful UVA and UVB rays. What more than using the golden oil for a bronze tan?

Homemade Organic remedy – bronze skin

Here is a 100% natural recipe, to make yourself and the best thing is everything is in your kitchen.  First, mix in a bowl a yolk of egg, two tablespoons of plain yoghurt, five tablespoons of carrot oil and five drops of carrot essential oil. Pour into a spray bottle. Apply the cream once a day by massaging evenly. Let stand 15 to 20 minutes then rinse. Be aware, that you can only keep this preparation for three days because of the egg and yoghurt, but it is so fast to make!

Bronze skin with henna.

Another way to a bronze skin is Mix three tablespoon of henna and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Add water until it becomes a paste. Spread this blend in your body and leave it for several minutes. Check your skin every three minutes to see if you’ve attained your achieved colour. If you wouldn’t want your hands to become orange, make sure to use gloves in the shower! Your body will absorb the pigment of this natural plant, giving it a darker, orange hue for several days. This technique requires no exposure to the sun and gives you just about the same results!

Black Tea  

If you want your skin to tan and become more golden in a short time, a great home remedy is to prepare black tea and put it on your whole body just before going to the beach or exposing yourself to the sun. You will have a bronze skin in no time!

All these natural homemade remedies will give you bronze skin and even the golden tan you’ve always wanted! So what are you waiting for?

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