Can coffee cure cancer

caffeine, coffee and cancer prevention


Today’s topic is really interesting as there is a variety of information provided by scientists and researchers about cancer and ways to prevent it.

Recently I have seen so many news about preventing cancer by drinking coffee. So, I decide to go after that interesting topic and  do a complete research about it in order to find out an accurate answer to this question; “Can coffee cure cancer?”

Can Coffee Cure Cancer?

The answer is YES!

Here is all you need to know about the relationship between caffeine, coffee, and cancer prevention

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Although coffee is not the best source of antioxidants in the body, researchers say coffee is highly effective in preventing most types of cancer in men and women.


  1. Coffee can Prevent Colon Cancer

The incidence of colon cancer is increasing every year, and more than 40,000 people in the UK are diagnosed with this cancer.

Some of the most remarkable reasons that lead to colon cancer are diets full of fatty acids and heavy consumption of red meat.

The latest research was conducted by researchers at the National Cancer Institute of the United States in Rockville, Maryland.

Researchers from a total of 490,000 men and women surveyed their eating and drinking habits in their research and then compared the rate of colon cancer among those who drank coffee and those who did not drink coffee.

The Result based on their recent research findings was impressive!

All of those volunteers who drank four cups of coffee a day were 15% less likely than others to have tumor risks.


  1. coffee can cure cancer especially in women

Japanese scientists found that coffee prevents cancer, especially in women.

Based on their findings, the risk of cancer can be reduced up to 50% in women if they drink only 3 cups of coffee a day


  1. Coffee, the Enemy of Prostate Cancer

coffee cure cancer

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men. There are various treatments for this disease, but it never leaves the patient alone. A new study suggests that drinking coffee can reduce the risk of aggressive and progressive prostate cancer.

The study, conducted on over 50,000 men over the period of 20 years, suggests that the risk of Prostate Cancers in men who drink lots of coffee is 60% lower than those who do not drink coffee at all.

Coffee affects the way sugar is processed in the body and the level of sexual hormones that both are related to prostate cancer.

Of course, experts recommend not to get used to overconsumption of coffee, especially since high caffeine consumption can bring health problems, but men who are enjoying a cup of coffee a day can be sure that they do not have to quit drinking coffee because of fear of the prostate cancer!


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  1. Coffee can reduce the chance of getting breast cancer.

coffee cure cancer

Breast cancer is a relatively common and dangerous cancer among women. A large number of people with breast cancer are diagnosed every year, and many of them die.

It should be regarded that a healthy plant based diet, in contrast to high-fat diets and animal sources, can greatly contribute to preventing Breast Cancer. To reduce the risk of breast cancer, it is usually recommended to consume fresh fruits, vegetables, and foods containing fiber. According to recent research about Coffee, it is found that coffee is one of those food elements that can prevent breast cancer.

Based on this research, people who drink coffee not only enjoy the taste of the drink but also reduce the risk of cancer in their body. According to the study, drinking coffee, in particular, would reduce the type of “ER-negative” breast cancer.

In Sweden, researchers examined lifestyle and coffee-drinking habits in women with breast cancer compared with healthy women. They found that the incidence of breast cancer among coffee users was lower than those who rarely drank coffee. However, according to this study, several lifestyle factors also affect breast cancer; these include age, physical activity, weight, education, and family history of breast cancer.

Taking into account these factors, the researchers found that the protective effect of coffee is remarkable and it even reduces the risk of breast cancer on those who have a family history of breast cancer.

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  1. Three Cups of Coffee Per Day = Enemy of Liver Cancer

in this guide “Can coffee cure cancer” I found the following findings the most interesting ones

Singaporean researchers were successful in identifying two types of lipids (fats) in coffee beans, which protects the liver from the risk of Cancer.

The study, which began in 1993 and was conducted on 63,000 Asian men and women aged 45-74, revealed new findings of the properties of coffee.

Drinking at least three cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of liver cancer by 44%. It is also interesting that taking 4 cups or more of coffee during the day reduces the risk of diabetes by 30%.


  1. Prevention of skin cancer with coffee

Recent studies have shown that coffee should also be added to the list of foods that prevent skin cancer.

The possibility of the most common form of skin cancer is 21% lower in women who drink more than three cups a day, compared to women drinking just a few cup of coffee within a month. This percentage in men decreases by 10%.

“It seems that this protective effect is due to caffeine, and the risk of skin cancer in people who use caffeinated coffee in this study has not diminished,” said the head of the research project. In addition, “as long as you use more caffeine, the risk of spreading the tumor is reduced, but this does not mean that you can drink coffee instead of using a sunscreen or you can spend more time under the sun!”

Researchers found that reducing the risk of developing skin cancer cells in people who drink coffee is similar to those who receive the same amount of Caffeine from other sources of food, such as tea, chocolate, and soda.

Therefore, I think it is Caffeine that makes our body secure of having cancer.

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