What is dopamine? How to increase dopamine levels?

Dopamine is a very important chemical in the brain that plays a very important part in the wellbeing of mental health.  Dopamine is responsible for the focus of your brain. If you feel that you have started to lose focus quickly and it is hard for you to complete the tasks. If your motivation level is declining each day or has already reached to the zero level, then there are high chances that you have a deficiency of dopamine in your body.  Such feelings may lead you to even worse mental conditions like depression. Then you have to increase your dopamine levels.

dopamine levels

What is dopamine exactly?

Dopamine acts as the messenger of your body. It is one of the 100 neurotransmitters that are present in your brain and take the messages of brain across the whole body. It is the main driving tool behind the motivation, focus, needs to be productive and your ability to feel the happiness and pleasure around you.

Symptoms of dopamine deficiency

Amongst the most notable and common dopamine deficiency symptoms include:

  1. Lack of focus
  2. Lack of motivation
  3. Insomnia
  4. Laziness
  5. Mood swings
  6. Sugar cravings
What not to do to boost dopamine levels in your body?

The natural dopamine level can be boosted in your body in different ways. However what people usually do to gain the energy is that they treat themselves with coffee which contains caffeine, sugar and high-fat foods. Even though all of these things might help you get tan instant boost in your energy and dopamine level, however, these methods may backfire at times. They may give you an instant boost but can easily and highly disrupt the regular boost in the dopamine level. These things will affect the natural production of dopamine in your body and you may end up feeling even worse than before especially when the instant boost lasts, and it does not last very long.

Therefore, it is very important that you follow the tight ways and use the right methods to boost up your dopamine level.

How to boost the dopamine levels in your body?

Now let’s talk about the right ways to enhance your dopamine levels.

  1. Exercise regularly

Exercise also helps you to remain active as well as it helps your brain to function much better. The increases the production of new brain cells and helps to increase the dopamine level. A daily exercise will keep you fresh and well-motivated throughout the entire day.

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  1. Meditate

Mental health is very important. Just as you need to treat your body god you also need to treat your brain good. Your brain needs to relax too and there is no better way than mediation to do that. Meditation helps in regaining the focus and this happens because mediation has also been found to affect the dopamine level of the body. Hence, meditation will help you regain your focus and you will feel better about yourself.

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  1. Consume more tyrosine

Your body needs tyrosine to make dopamine. Moore amount of tyrosine means more production of dopamine which in fact means better mental health. Tyrosine is found in fish, eggs, bananas, almonds and beans. Add these foods to your diet and you will see improvement in yourself.

  1. Take supplements

There are many supplements available that can help you boost up your dopamine level. With the advice of your doctor, you can take the supplements. They will help you recover faster.

  1. The sleep patterns

Sleep is very important for your mind and your body. Do not go to extremes which means either sleeping too much or sleeping too little. Try to have a good sleep routine, 8-9 hours of sleep is necessary. Try to sleep and wake up at the same time daily. This will help you feel fresher and focused in your life. It really works, try it.


Dopamine is very important for your body. To keep your mind healthy and remain focused in your life your body must have good amount of dopamine levels.

Take care of your mind because only a healthy mind can ensure a healthy body and a good life.

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