“Doctors recommend up to 150 minutes of a moderate activity a week to adults. Yet, we always find an excuse to avoid physical activity. Whether you are tired of spending money on a monthly gym membership, or just too busy to spend time going to the gym. So why not get your daily amount of exercise recommendations by making your own gym with best home gym equipment!”

Home Gym Equipment

In this article, we will be informing you how to create your own gym at home using the home gym equipment listed below.

You can do a complete home training by using the right materials. Even if it’s for about 10 minutes every day, the more activity you get will greatly enhance your physical condition! Why not get some of it done at home? With the following home gym equipment, you can now create your own gym at home!

Fact: Consistent exercise over the years reverses the processes of ageing and actually helps slow the ageing process. In other words, sports make you look young!



Kettlebells, also known as Russian dumbbells, are very fashionable in the world of fitness and CrossFit. These workout utilities are large dumbbells made of cannonball-shaped cast iron weights and a gripper, which has been used for centuries. It is one of the most indispensable home gym equipment. It is a compact and very comfortable piece for fitness and bodybuilding exercises. Many of the movements that are performed with these weights make the different bodywork muscles that will help us to have a toned body.

With the Kettlebells you can perform a multitude of exercises that will help increase your strength, increase stamina and improve agility incrementally. These tools help improve coordination, stability, and force. You can carry out a series of different exercises with kettlebells, such as rows, squats, lunges, spears, cleans / jerks, outbursts, swing etc. The training will be very dynamic and effective. With dumbbells, the possibilities are infinite.

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Jump rope is one of the best and most complete cardio exercises you can do. It is an extreme fat burner. It has been shown in studies that ten minutes of skipping equals 45 minutes of running. Jumping rope promotes cardiovascular function, helps with coordination, as well as improvement in muscle tone in the lower part of the body. That is why any gym has this home gym equipment. Combining your workouts with the combo will help you define your body more quickly.


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The abdominal wheel is a very economical, yet very useful device that will help you get an enviable six-pack. It is a device to exercise the abdominals, and it consists of a rotating wheel with a grab bar.

It requires kneeling and gripping each corner of the bar. Afterwards, you will have to roll the wheel horizontally with gentle movements. It is a very simple, but also an extremely practical exercise for the upper body. With this device, you will train the muscles of the back and abdominals. In addition to being economical, it is a compact and small device. Therefore, it will not occupy much place in your home gym. You can also take it anywhere you want! You’ll be amazed at the results you can get by exercising with the abdominal wheel.


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The Olympic bar will require a little more space, as it has bigger and heavier disks than the dumbbells. With this home gym equipment, we can perform exercises such as deadlifts or squats, which are two critical exercises that one can achieve at home workout. These exercises help increase muscle mass rapidly and can strengthen various muscle groups.

It is perhaps for more advanced people since it requires more technique in the accomplishment of the exercises. So if you are a beginner, you may not need an Olympic bar, not until you feel more comfortable with your gym equipment and have the physical ability to perform more intense workouts.

By then, the Olympic bar will become an indispensable element of your gym, since its effects on your body are quite rewarding. Working with more weight will help you gain muscle mass.

Hammer Strength Round Rubber Olympic Plates

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Men Hammer Strength Olympic Weight Lifting Bars

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Complete your gym with this home gym equipment: weight bench. These weight benches are extremely versatile. They will allow you to perform a series of exercises that target different areas of the body, such as the biceps, chest, back, and arms. You can also include squats and other movements to your workouts. The mobility and ability to adjust the level of the weight bench will help you with the dumbbell workouts and barbell free.

When you buy your weight bench, keep in mind that the money spent was money invested. You are creating a long-lasting gym apparatus, which can be used in a long interval time frame of training. It is preferable to buy one of good quality to maximise results and facilitate abdominal exercises, dumbbell exercises, leg and back exercises.


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One of trending items in the yoga, pilates, and fitness field, is no other than the Swiss ball. This elastic ball can be used for a variety of exercises, and it can help improve muscle tone, stability, flexibility, and core strength

You can use a gym ball to warm up before a workout. It will help prepare you for more intense weight exercises like dumbbells, or basic exercises such as squats. Exercising with a Swiss ball can also be very fun! There are many people who use this home gym equipment as a desk chair to work because it corrects the back posture.

You need to be careful while working out with a Swiss ball, due to its instability. It will require some ‘getting used to,’ but one can get the hang of it rather easily. These fitness balls remain great, as they are suitable for all levels of fitness and varieties of workouts.


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Stability Ball

7. Rowing Machine

Rowing, along with swimming, is one of the most strengthening exercises. It will make you work out all body parts. With the rowing machine, you will strengthen your cardiovascular system, lose weight, reduce your stomach fat and, increase the muscle in the legs and arms. It is a perfect fitness tool for those who want to stay healthy, without going to the gym. Also, this rowing machine provides you with a wide range of exercise. You can work on different muscle groups including arms, chest, back, shoulders, back, and abdominals.

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Row HX Trainer


8. Medicine balls

Of course, we need to mention the medicine ball in this list because it is an excellent home gym equipment for you to use in a home. With a medicine ball, you can do incredibly many different exercises. Training the stomach with a medicine ball is perhaps the most common and very rewarding. A simple option is regular sit-ups where you hold the ball. You can also vary and make oblique sit-ups by bringing the ball to the sides. But there are a lot of abdominal exercises.

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9. Foam Roller

Among all the materials we have to train the foam roller is a very important in keeping the muscles stretched and relaxed. The most common way to use it is right after training this way the self-massage with roller helps us achieve better muscle recovery and prevent injuries.

It is recommended to work with the feet turned outwards, inwards and pointed forward. Place the roller under your femoral support supporting the full weight on it and using your hands to make it roll.

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Do not wait for the perfect day to start getting in shape! Therefore, you should realise in order to see rewarding results start using these gym materials in your home TODAY!

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