Integrate outdoor activities to your diet regime

Winter is the coldest time of the year. It is the season of festivities, where food invades the table and our bums are stuck to the sofa with a hot beverage in our hand. It is simply “Lazy” season. Besides, our survival instincts are molding us to become fatter.

During cold temperature, our body stores fat in an attempt to regulate body temperature.  At this moment, hits the curb of the sweet, delicious food that is pleasantly satisfying. As if it weren’t enough, the frisky weather somehow contributes to our lazy, depressive mood. It is in no circumstances a suitable framework for a healthy lifestyle. All these factors just make us wonder, “When is the perfect time to engage in a weight loss journey?”

The answer is no other than the opposite of cold: summer.

It is evident to say that summer is the synonym of warm weather, cool drinks, outdoor activities and bathing suit season. Everybody rushes to losing the last pounds in an effort to emerge as stunning. Yet, there are more reasons as to why summer is an ideal time to shed the excess fat. There are numerous amounts of activity that are amusing and can help you lose weight. The longer days call to longer workouts, but what if the workouts were enjoyable?Trampoline is a beneficial activity as it decreases stress, contributes to your lymphatic system while burning the calories. The Rebound effects increase lymph flow and encourage the body to flush the toxins. It is possible to add movements to increase the level of exercise and tone your muscles such as jumping jacks, planks, high knees, squats and more. What else is better, than being fit through jumping?

Cycling or rollerblading outside could be used as an alternative to a car. While the sun is shining, seize the opportunity to enjoy it as you go to work. Other than avoiding all the traffic on the road, it’s a workout! These activities improve your lungs capacity as it gives you the ability to breathe deeper and enhance your fitness capabilities.

Summer is around the corner and for this time of the year, swimming is one of the most recommended sport for everyone. Apart from boosting your mood and improving your sleep, swimming is proven to lower down the risk of catching a disease. It also helps control the sugar levels of a person, reduces bad cholesterol, and drops down blood pressure.

The discipline attempts to achieve balance in your body. In doing so, it prompts you to become more aware of the food choices you make. It also strengthens the muscles and the core through the poses. Vigorous yoga such as Ashtanga offers cardiovascular benefits. So take the time to visit a park, and practice the ritual to balance your spiritual mind and well-being!

There is 33 percent of people who own pets admit that they don’t even walk their pets. Therefore, take this opportunity to take out your dog out for a walk. In this case, not only this will enrich your bond with your dog this will maintain your weight, increase your mental and physical well-being, and makes you more interactive.

There is nothing better than turning your workouts into amusing hobbies! So get up, get ready and get out!