The link between lettuce and E. coli outbreak might lead to death

lettuce and E. coliThere have been numerous reports on accounting deaths which took place due to the consumption of lettuce which was contaminated by E. coli. From time to time, there have been reports about individuals died due to the intake of the deadly combination of lettuce and E. coli. The symptoms of the deadly disease startup to show in your body almost after 3 or 4 days after the consumption of lettuce and E. coli. The bacteria can cause your body to suffer from bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and fever. You might get nausea and vomiting, as per the reports by CDC.

Most of the people who get infected by the bacteria recover from it within 5 to 7 days. A number of people also develop a specific type of kidney failure which is known as a hemolytic uremic syndrome. There are some of the symptoms which point the direction towards this syndrome. Some of which include, fever, fatigue, abdominal pain, small bruises across the body which cannot be explained. Some people overcome these symptoms and recover from the disease, but other people suffer permanently and their infection results in death.

lettuce and E. coli

A lot of working scientists at labs have found that the source of this outbreak is romaine lettuce which is grown in Yuma growing region in Arizona. According to a survey. Where 166 infected people were interviewed regarding their eating habits and about 145 of them, which makes them nearly 87 percent were reported to have eaten romaine lettuce about a week before the illness or the infection took over their bodies. The percentage of people who suffered from illness and had eaten a romaine lettuce was higher than that of the people who did not suffer from illness and had eaten a romaine lettuce. Even if there were people who got sick without eating the romaine lettuce, they had some kind of contact with people who did and who got sick.

In 2018, the number of infected individuals and their deaths has increased massively as CDC continued reporting deaths on the basis of lettuce and E. coli. E. coli is known as Escherichia coli, which is a type of bacteria. These bacteria are found in beef when it is undercooked, milk in raw form, fruits in raw form and vegetables. The contaminated water is also a strong source of the E. coli bacteria, which explains why the number of people infected by it has increased so much. Most of the E.coli bacteria are not as harmful to result in death, but a particular type like, O157: H7 is extremely harmful as it releases a toxin element called Shiga. Shiga is responsible for destroying red blood cells and causing kidney failures in the victim’s body. It is also responsible for making people suffer through bloody diarrhea. Some other kinds of E. coli cause respiratory illness and diseases like pneumonia.

There are several reasons as to why people are suffering from such bacteria, like E. coli. Modern day consumers are loving the modern day conveniences. Like, buying a pre-washed tub of spinach or readymade bags of romaine. These conveniences, not only benefit you in some ways, it also makes you suffer in a lot of other ways. A lot of these are causing some sort of infection or illness which are related to the food items. These outbreaks are not very common everywhere and for everything, but it is more common for specific food items. As per the collected data and analysis at the Center for Disease Control, approximately one-fifth of the all the foodborne illnesses reported. As per the experts of food safety, the convenient bags of chopped or washed salads, are very risky to indulge in. their risk factor is higher because they make contact with more people and machinery and after being processed, it comes down to your plate. By then, it contains bacteria like E. coli, which are deadly and highly harmful.

The experts at center for disease control and prevention and at the food and drug administration are encouraging consumers to throw out or discard the lettuce which might be grown in Yuma. The contamination can be because of the birds flying on the top of the crops or because of the contaminated water provided to the fields. The source of E. coli can the farmers as well if they do not wash their hands properly or it can be because of the farming equipment, which could have manure on it.

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