Organic Food

 Here is why you have to start using organic food TODAY!



Organic food vs GMO

Several readers out there, the importance of a product/food being organic is the most important and it is fundamental to recognize this importance.

The truth is, organic food/organic products have always been in demand due to their healthy and non-artificial properties.

Usually derived from organic agriculture (organic farming), they can provide a superior nutritional complex compared to non-organic derivatives.

What are these superior characteristics you might ask?

Benefits of Organic Food

Organic meat, organic vegetables, organic fruit, and any other organic food is produced without artificial pesticides (human-made) and only natural pesticides might be used.

Organic food is also produced with no GMO’s (genetically modified organisms), and this can be clearly seen when some strawberry’s you find at your local supermarket look massive in comparison to the organic ones.

Finally, they are free from irradiation which is a fancy way of saying preserving food with radiation energy.


Benefits of Organic FoodRadiation energy used to make non-organic food?

Yes, and this is exactly why people are fearful and speculate cancer when it comes to non-organic foods that use pesticides, irrigation, and GMO’s.

Any product that does not explicitly say that it is organic can also have these negative characteristics.


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Supplements and Vitamins

For those who use supplements and vitamins in their day to day lives must also be wary about having non-organic material in their products.

It is also important to note that many organic supplements and organic vitamins have a richer nutritional complex than those of a non-organic foundation, not to mention how organic products are healthier due to these factors.


Where can I find some good Organic products?

Luckily for you I have chosen three vitamins and/or supplements that will help those wishing to achieve healthier alternatives, and for those wanting a healthier lifestyle.


1.Premium Collagen Peptides

The first Organic product on my list is COLLAGEN PEPTIDES. Collagen is one of the fundamental nutrients that result in the maintenance of strong bones, improve gut health, and help develop healthy joints. If this is also taken on a regular basis (daily) it may present counter measures and help fight the degenerative effects of aging.

The Benefits- More exploration

This organic product is non-GMO and also gluten free! Perfect for those who suffer from gluten-based products, those who want an organic, healthier alternative, or both! It is a concentrated source of Amino Acids, and is packed with protein to help you throughout your day!

The Collagen in the organic product also sustains the tissues throughout the body that include cartilage, bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, vital organs, skin, hair, and nails. It is the perfect product for those wanting an overall healthier body and help them in their daily life and routine.

The Taste:

This organic supplement is odorless and tasteless which gives the added benefit of having no bitter or artificial taste that some other products may have, and is a healthier alternative. It is also easy to mix, and is perfect for coffee, tea, and protein shakes whether it would be in the morning, afternoon, or night.

Pasture Raised:

This product is made with 100% Pure Hydrolyzed Gelatin that is obtained from pasture raised Cows. SR Collagen is enzymatically processed multiple times to ensure that its peptides remain intact, which can result in a tasteless and protein packed organic product.

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  1. Premium MCT: Organic Coconuts

The second organic product/organic food on the list is made from organic coconut oil and is Non-GMO verified. An ideal choice for cooking, adding to coffee, also a great mix with the first product (collagen peptides), smoothies, and more!

The Benefits:

This product contains within it medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) otherwise known as “healthy fats” that are optimal for people who are bodybuilding, who need healthy fats that may help regulate their bodies, as well as potentially helping your body reach Ketosis which is the process that involves burning your body fats for energy!

Coconut Sourced:

This product is made with 100% Coconut, and contains absolutely no palm oil. It also contains an important MCT which is Lauric Acid, and is a “Oil Pulling” bacteria.

Vegan, Organic, and Healthy!

This product as mentioned before is NON-GMO, and it completely safe for vegan consumption. Perfect for those who are vegan and want to find a organic product that offers healthy fats, this product is perfect for them.  This oil is also the only MCT organic oil product so far that MCT is NON-GMO Verified, as well as a Certified Paleo, and is registered with the Vegan Society.

Taste, Taste, Taste:

Similar to the product before, this oil is odorless and tasteless, making it perfect for mixing with smoothies, coffee, tea’s and etc. It will not alter the foundation of the taste due to its properties so you can keep enjoying the same things you love with the same taste! It is also extremely easy to mix, and ideal for protein shakes alongside the premium collagen peptides.

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  1. Turmeric Curcumin C3:

This product is yet another organic product that is safe to consume for those who are vegan and want demand good supplements. It is a great natural vitamin and contains sources found from natural food. It also contains organic coconut oil as well, and this alongside the curcumin creates the making of an amazing product.

Curcumin Complex:

The pure Turmeric Curcumin C3 Complex alongside the Biopterin (Black Pepper) is extremely beneficial for absorption into the system. It contains one of the best whole food vitamins and can be considered one of the best multivitamins around. What are the benefits you might ask?

The Benefits:

This product has great benefits all around. The long list of benefits include its support to joints, the brain, the heart and the circulatory system by helping to neutralize free-radicals.

Most Studied

The product also contains Cucumin C3, which has had the most clinical studies for curcumin extract in the world. It is truly an amazing product which a wide range of benefits, and impressive characteristics which all prove to make a great organic product.

BioPerine (Black Pepper)

Due to the poor absorption of curcumin by the human body, it is fundamental to take the product with Bioperine which can help the absorption of curcumin and its availability in the body (product contains Bioperine).

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Due to Curcumins, lipophilic compound properties it binds to fat. This is why this product is revolutionary due to not only having the inclusion of its Bioperine complex but also having organic virgin coconut oil which promotes and helps absorption.

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The combination:

This combination of products will ensure a positive boost to your organic lifestyle and make a worthy addition to your supplement stacks.

The great aspect of these three organic products is that they are all easy to take, perfect to have with coffee, smoothies, protein shakes, teas, and many more products. Due to their natural taste, they also have no artificial flavours that might drive potential organic consumers away, and provide an amazing nutritional addition to any beverage you might be drinking.

Their organic compounds and nutrition are also of a higher calibre, and provide those who want a multi-pronged product that touches on several aspects of the human body to find it in these products.


Beneficial Nutrition= Maintenance of health

These products that I have suggested to you offer a wide range of nutrition for many different demands and several different people. It covers those who are vegan, who want Non-GMO products, those who want healthy fats, those wishing to improve their joints, and etc. I hope you find these products as beneficial as I have found them, and that it may lead you to live a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle down the road.

Thank you for reading, and subscribe to the newsletter for more healthy products for your daily life!

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