Diabetes has affected millions of people around the world. This is a chronic disease as it can lead to major issues like heart failure, blindness and kidney failure too. Thus, it is very crucial to control it and if possible, prevent diabetes from happening, in the first place. Before a person is diagnosed with diabetes, there is a time span when the blood sugar levels start getting high. They are not that high enough that a person can be tagged as a diabetic patient. That is when the person can actually get the situation (the pre-diabetic condition) under control.

Studies say that 70% of people, who are diagnosed as pre-diabetic, get the Type 2 Diabetes. A lot of people assume that there is no way out of diabetes. They think that once they are pre-diabetic, they can never go back to normal. In some ways this is true but if you get control of some simple aspects, you can actually avoid going to a serious diabetic condition. Here, we have summed up 10 efficient ways to prevent diabetes and get the situation under control. prevent diabetes

Let’s dig down into the most simple and best ways to prevent diabetes!


  1. Cut down Refined Carbs and Sugar from your Daily Diet:

The very first step to bring your blood sugar levels low is to cut down sugar and refined carbs from your daily diet. Both of these can put you at risk of diabetes. Refined carbs and sugars make the body cells insensitive to the actions of insulin due to which the sugar is unable to leave the bloodstream. Due to this, the pancreas stimulates its function and tries to create more and more insulin so that it can bring the sugar level down. However, this situation gets out of control and the sugar levels go extremely high until the person gets pre-diabetic, leading to Type 2 Diabetes. Thus, cutting down sugar and refined carbs from the diet is a necessity.

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  1. Don’t forget to Exercise:

If you are pre-diabetic, you need to exercise daily (no excuses). If you have a good and active lifestyle then you are hardly going to get diabetes. Physical activity prevents the risk of this chronic disease. Workouts like aerobics, strength training and high-intensity interval training are preferred for people who are trying to prevent diabetes. You can obviously pick the one that you find the best and most convened to attempt to, on daily basis.

prevent diabetes

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  1. Stay Hydrated:

Water is a necessity for the human body. If you stay hydrated and drink lots of water during the day, your urge of grabbing any other beverage which has additives and preservatives lowers down significantly. The canned drinks come along with tons of added sugars which just higher your blood sugar levels and make it hard for you to prevent jumping into a state of diabetes. Thus, it is important to stay hydrated!

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  1. Maintain a good weight:

Obesity or being overweight is the biggest reason for diabetes. If you are overweight, you need to lose it. Majority of people who develop type 2 diabetes are obese. Pre-diabetic people usually have immense weight around their abdominal organs which is termed as visceral fat. This fat basically stimulates inflammation and insulin resistance. Thus, it is a major contributor to diabetes. Thus, it is very important to lose weight and maintain it. Although a little weight loss can be pretty helpful for obese people the more you are able to lose, the better results you can attain. Moreover, if you add exercise to your daily routine, you will see miracles!

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  1. Start a low carb diet:

Carbs contribute to the blood sugar levels, thus you need to limit them. A low carb diet is preferred for people who are pre-diabetic. You can also start a ketogenic diet because it basically follows the rules of a low carb diet. Moreover, it is much detailed and provides you with all the right information that you need. Studies show that a low carb intake keeps the blood sugar levels low and proper. The ketogenic diet will also help you in losing weight, so what else can you ask for?

  1. Put the Cigarette down:

If you are a smoker, the bad news is that you need to quit smoking. Smoking does not only put you at major heart disease risk but also boosts your blood sugar levels and makes you seriously diabetic. Studies show that smoking increases the risk of diabetes by 44% in average smokers. Also, people who smoked a lot increased their risk by a rate of 61%. Research has also proved that once you quit smoking, a huge difference is seen in the blood sugar levels.

prevent diabetes

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  1. Quit the Lazy Attitude:

If you are pre-diabetic or your doctor tells you that you are on the verge of getting diabetes, you need to peek inside your lifestyle. Are you lazy? Do you love sitting on the couch all day, doing simply nothing? Well, then you need to quit that attitude and get active. Physical activity is very important for people who are looking forward to preventing diabetes. Laziness is just not an option as several studies have shown a major link between inactive behaviour and diabetes.

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  1. Minimize Processed food intake:

Processed foods have a lot of added sugar and preservatives in them which make them harmful for your sugar levels. Thus, you need to minimize your intake of processed foods. You should try to cook and eat fresh. Eat breakfast is the most important thing. Processed food links to several diseases like heart issues, diabetes and obesity. Studies show that cutting down processed food actually reduces the risk of diabetes.

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  1. Opt for Tea or Coffee:

You obviously need to quit soda drinks and canned drinks etc. But if there is one beverage that can be your best buddy then that is tea and coffee. Obviously, there is nothing better than water and it is the best too but studies show that people, who drink moderate coffee and tea, stay on the safer side. Their bodies are capable of avoiding diabetes all in all. Tea and coffee come with anti-oxidants which shield the body against diabetes. These antioxidants are better known as polyphenols. Green tea is nothing less than a blessing and has significantly shown a decrease in blood sugar levels.

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  1. Add Natural Herbs to your Diet:

There are some herbs that aid in enhancing insulin sensitivity and reducing the risk of diabetes overall. Herbs like Curcumin and Berberine are known as a perfect medication for the human body and are capable of shielding it against diabetes. Berberine is a Chinese herb and has been used by them as a traditional medicine for prevention and treatment of diabetes for years. Curcumin is a bright gold spice and is used as one of the major ingredients in curry. It has great, anti-inflammatory properties which make it capable of preventing diabetes. Thus, adding these two herbs to your diet can really help in reducing the risk and prevent diabetes overall.

prevent diabetes

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You look deeper into the situation, you actually learn that there are several factors that you can get control of and prevent diabetes. It is not important that if you do get pre-diabetic, you are going to get diabetes too; NOT AT ALL. You need to stop looking at pre-diabetes as a stepping stone towards diabetes, changing your attitude towards the situation will really help you in attaining the best. Develop an active lifestyle, minimized processed and junk foods, stick to a low carb diet and ditch your lazy attitude to start boosting your body in a healthier manner. These 10 efficient ways to prevent diabetes will eventually make a difference. Stay determined so that you can stay away from this chronic disease.

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