Salmon benefits and risks

Salmon is an incredible fish and is one of the most amazing species on Earth. It is nutritious and tastes heavenly too. Salmon is loaded with healthy oils and many nutrients and is a miracle for the human brain, heart, skin and hair. It is definitely one of the most versatile fish which is packed with various health perks. Some years back, Salmon was an expensive treat and people couldn’t make it a part of their daily or weekly meals. However, as access to Salmon grew, it became more affordable. Also, people have gathered immense knowledge about it to understand that it is one of the best foods to get their hands on. But you should know Salmon benefits and risks.

Salmon benefits and risks

A lot of us love eating Salmon and we think that we know all about it. However, it is much more than just that favourite dish of yours owns the restaurant menu. This vibrant pink coloured fish is pretty surprising and has a lot more to it than you know. In the article, it will clearly present Salmon benefits and risks for you.


We all eat Salmon at least once in our lifetime but even if we love eating it, there are some facts that we don’t know about this unique race of fish. Here, we will be unveiling 8 things about Salmon that you should definitely know about. Let’s dig into the rarely known things about Salmon benefits and risks.


  1. Salmon are Anadromous:

A lot of people think that salmon can be in freshwater and in river water both but very fewer people know that they are anadromous. For a lot you, the confusion might be about the term anadromous. It simply means that a fish is born in fresh water but they usually spend a lot of time in the sea. Same is the case with Salmon. They are born in fresh water but stay in the sea for the majority of their lifetime. Once per year, salmon returns to the fresh water and then swim they swim through the streams and rivers until they get back to their swamp.


  1. They are the best sources for Omega 3 Fatty Acids:

Omega 3 fatty acids are amazing for the human body and mind and salmon is the best source to grab them. These fatty acids are great for your skin and hair and keep them healthy, glowing and younger. Moreover, as salmon has omega 3 fatty acids in it, it is capable of boosting your mental health and helping you develop a healthy heart too. Therefore, all in all, salmon helps you in attaining a healthy lifestyle and keeps you away from some very chronic illnesses.

salmon benefits and risks

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  1. Salmon has different kinds:

This might stun you just like it shook me in the first place. I was amazed when I got to know that there is a variety of salmon out there. We all probably just know about the salmon that is served in the restaurant; nothing more or less than that, right? However, there are types of salmon like North Pacific Salmon, Coho Salmon and Sockeye Salmon too. North Pacific one is the cheapest of all salmon and is super affordable to grab. Coho has a very mild taste to it whereas Sockeye has the strongest flavour of all.


  1. Salmon lead themselves to home through magnetism and smell:

Surprising as this might sound but when salmon wander off from their homes, once every year, into rivers and streams, how do they actually find their way back to the exact swamp? The oceans are extremely huge and the number of streams is countless, aren’t they?

According to studies, salmon reach their homes through the sense of smell. According to scientists, the sense of smell of salmon is sharper than that of a dog or any other animal. Another study refers to the fact that salmon have a magnetic field sense which allows them to imprint the waters of where they are born and where they tend to stay which helps them make their way back to the swap easily. They are able to catch the magnetism from ocean tides to stream waves which is a huge factor in leading them back to home.


  1. They are pink due to their diet:

Salmon is unique from other fish due to its vibrant pink colour. A lot of clothing brands have salmon as a proper colour for their clothes. This usually describes a colour which is reddish pink and as a pinkish hue to it too. It has been really famous for years now. But surprisingly, the DNA of the fish is not something that results in their pink colour.

However, the colour of salmon is very unique just because of its diet. The colours are the result of astaxanthin which is an anti-oxidant and is created in the chloroplasts of algae and yeast. Salmon do not feed on algae or Yeats but the fish that they feed upon taking in both of these in abundance which are the basic reason of creation of astaxanthin and thus the delicate pink colour.

Salmon benefits and risks

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  1. Almost all the Salmon die while they make their way back to where they were born:

This fact has been properly researched about and has been proven that salmon usually kill themselves (the majority of them) while they make their way, back to the place where they were born. The study says that when salmon spawn, they are left with no energy to survive and thus, the majority of them die and only a few survive. This is another reason due to which they are rare. Furthermore, when salmon leave the ocean and return to the fresh water, they stop eating too which drains all of their energy gradually. The living salmon usually die after reproducing, closing their circle of life, on their own.


  1. Wild Salmon is usually farmed too:

The salmon that is referred to as “wild salmon” the restaurant menu is not always wild. It is said that salmon brings in 100% health perks if you get it, in its most wild form. However, that is not really possible as salmon have small lifetime span and they have to be farmed so that they can survive a bit longer. Therefore, the entire wild salmon is not usually wild and fresh from nature. It is usually farmed and then bought out to be served as your favourite meal.


  1. Some Salmon stray from their homes:

It is very rare for a salmon to stray away from their home. The most common studies show that an average salmon can travel miles per day but they rewire back to their home eventually. However, there are some salmon that are unable to find their way back to home. They either join another spawn that they find on the way or they just die in the hope of getting back to their own riverbed. It is rare though as the majority of the salmon; do find their way back to home.

Salmon is one of the most popular fish out there and even when you just love it’s for its taste and amazing health perks; it has a lot more to it then you can think of. These are some of the most common facts that one does not know about salmon and we hope that we have added up to your knowledge about one of your favourite fish. It is great for your health, helps prevent cancer and boosts your mental wellbeing too. Hope you find useful information in Salmon benefits and risks article.

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