Why are you feeling tired all the time? Here is why with solutions!

Have loads of college work pending? Or have a lot of office work piled up? Don’t feel like doing it because you are too tired? Well, if you are wondering this is a problem that you are facing alone, then you might want to calm down because tiredness is a problem that every individual today is facing. To be tired all the time is so common today that there is also an acronym for it, “TATT” which means “Tired All the Time”. There are multiple reasons why people feel tired all the time but you do not have to worry as there are solutions that can help us overcome the problem of feeling tired all the time.

The Reason Behind the Tiredness and their Remedy:

There are numerous reasons behind you being tired all the time. The fatigue and laziness you feel is something that hinders your performance and makes you want to quit your job and lie in bed all day. well, here are some reasons that are responsible for your laziness and for you feeling tired all the time.

1.    Lack of Sleep:

tired all the timeThe very obvious yet the most common reason why a person feels tired all the time is when the person has a non-uniform and disturbed sleep cycle. ever heard the proverb, “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”? Well, this exactly describes how a person’s normal sleeping cycle should be. If you do not have fixed sleeping hours and your sleep cycle is disturbed then this might be the cause behind you feeling tired at all times. For a person, belonging in the age group of 18 to 60 must have almost a continuous 8-hour undisturbed sleep and this is what helps them wake up with fresh minds and stay fresh throughout the day.

**Solution: to get rid of your tiredness, the first thing you must do is to work on your sleeping cycle. here are some of the tips that can help you solve your disturbed sleep cycle problem. Setting up a fixed time for bed. It will be difficult to force yourself to sleep at an early hour but as time goes by, you will become comfortable and this will become your habit. Napping is something that we all like but small naps reduce the amount of sleeping hours at night and due to this a person sleep’s late and has to wake up early, thus he ends up feeling tired. Another solution to this is to reduce the amount of caffeinated drinks and avoid drinking any such drink before going to bed. These are all the solutions for your lack of sleep problem.

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2.    Bad Diet:

tired all the time

The second major reason why a person feels tired all the time is a poor diet. A person who eats unhealthy food and consumes a significant amount of junk food is more likely to feel tired all the time as compared to a person who has a balanced and a healthy diet. No matter how happy junk food makes you, you must understand that it is a major cause of you feeling tired all the time. If you are one of the tired population of the world, you might want to check your diet.

**Solution: A proper and a healthy, balanced diet can help you overcome tiredness. Here are some tips to solve the bad diet problem. Consuming the number of calories according to your age, weight, and sex is very important. Eating more than required or less than required can make you lazy. Make sure you consume the right number of calories. Fruits and vegetable must make the major portion of your meal. Fruits and vegetables are light and healthy. Water is important and plays an important part in your diet plan. Lack of water cause dehydration which makes a person tired and lazy, therefore, consume water as you can. If you wish to correct your diet, you must fix the time for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner try to avoid eating between the three meals because that makes a person very lazy.

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3.    Sedentary Lifestyle:

tired all the timeThe world of today is a tech-driven world. as much as technology is making our lives easier, it is promoting a sedentary lifestyle. A sedentary lifestyle is when there is absolutely zero physical activities in life. we sit at homes using our smartphones, tablets and gaming devices. We spend all our weekends this way which makes us very lazy. a sedentary lifestyle is a major reason why we, today, feel tired all the time. Having a desk job, lack of motivation, habitual sitting, indoor activities are types of sedentary lifestyles. This is something that must be highly discouraged among people because it is promoting laziness and tiredness in people.

**Solution: a sedentary lifestyle is what a majority of the population have adopted. It is something that makes a person very lousy, lazy and tired. The solution this is exercising or working out. You must try to keep your body in motion when you get the chance. Get involved in physical outdoor activities such as soccer, rugby, hockey or even tennis. Make walking your habit and it will help you fight tiredness with much force. You can also take walk breaks from your work and walk around the building. Another way is to travel long distances by walking, this will keep your body in motion for a long time, helping you kick away your tiredness.

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4.    Depression:

tired all the timeHave you ever wondered that whenever you are low or sad you do not feel like getting out of the bed and feel like doing absolutely nothing? Well, this is because when a person is depressed, he becomes uninterested in the worldly stuff and wishes to just stay in the house all day. high stress, emotional problems, hormonal imbalance, lack of sunlight, alcohol are all the things that can make a person depressed, hence giving the people the feeling of being tired at all times. Depression is dangerous and it does not only kills a person emotionally but it even makes a person become lazy and uninterested in stuff.

**Solution: there are some solutions to the depression problem such as reducing the amount of processed food, caffeine, alcohol as these are all energy busting foods. You can use fruits and vegetables as these are the energy boosting foods. Try to indulge in activities that make you happy and spend as much time as you can with your friends. Depression is a major cause for so many problems, laziness being one of the most pressing problems.

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These are the common reasons why people feel tired all the time but you must not feel sad about it as all these problems have their own solutions. Do not worry as these solutions can help you get rid of the problem of tiredness all at once. If you have any of the above situations, you must understand that you are becoming lazier with every passing day. hope to see an untired population soon because a tired group of people cannot in anyway bring change. You do not have to feel frustrated or annoyed as these solutions will help you overcome your tiredness problem.

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